What To Do After An Accident

At Redhair & Studwell Injury Law Team, we can answer any questions you may have about your accident. If you have been involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, there are a number of important initial steps to consider. Here are five things you should do after an accident:

  1. Make sure you are safe. It may not be safe to exit the vehicle without assistance. Call emergency services if you are able to and if you are not, try to direct other passengers or witnesses to call 911.
  2. If the accident is serious, you may need to call the police in order to have a police report prepared. Make sure you request the police report number so you can get a copy later.
  3. If possible, you should gather information at the scene. If you have a phone or camera with you, it may also be helpful for you to take pictures of the accident scene. Take pictures only if you are able to do so carefully. Also, make note of witness contact information such as name and phone number in case they need to give their account. Do NOT post information about the accident on social media, if you can help it. It may be used against you later on in the case.
  4. After you leave the scene, make sure you are getting appropriate medical attention. You may not require an ambulance, but still have pain or discomfort. Seek out care to assess if you may have more serious injuries.
  5. Report the accident to your own insurance company and let them get involved in getting the car fixed. Do NOT give a report to any other insurance company without consulting with a lawyer first.

Every car accident will be different and your circumstances may require you to do something in addition to these steps or instead of these steps, but these are a helpful guideline. Contact an attorney as soon as you can after the car, truck or motorcycle accident in order to preserve evidence and get information about making claims so you can take care of yourself.

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