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Accidents On Unsafe Properties

Did you slip on an uneven surface in parking lot or entryway to a business? A caught foot or misstep can easily send you flying and cause serious injuries. After an injury you likely have incurred medical bills and may have even been out of work while recovering. You may also want to make sure that no one else suffers the same accident.

What remedies exist to hold the owner of the premises liable? The attorneys at the Tucson office of Redhair & Studwell know personal injury law and can explain your available legal options.

Attorneys Mike Redhair and James Studwell have a combined legal experience of more than 40 years. We offer practical advice to obtain your desired goal at a reasonable cost. Because each client and factual situation is different, we create a legal strategy individualized to you.

Finding A Fair Solution For Injured Arizona Clients

Slips, trips and falls often occur when buildings are not up to code. A property owner may not have made repairs to meet standards. We have handled many premises liability cases and can identify and address possible issues.

We are often able to negotiate fair compensation that will cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. When necessary, however, we have the resources to go to trial. We may also be able to find a solution that will ensure others are not injured in a similar manner.

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